RMR Water Trucks & Equipment Rental Inc. provides a wide variety of services to all of our clients and customers, all over Southern California including but not limited to our four major divisions; Potable Water Selivery,, TV/Movie Production Facilities (street wet downs & over-head sprinklers, Fire Site (emergency fire protection and potable water), and Trash Clean-up Sites.

Potable (drinking) water delivery supplies bulk water to residential and commercial customers that do not have access to standard city/county water, nor well or take water accessibility. We can deliver on a pre-set schedule or provide water in an emergency situation (for an additional fee). Other services include swimming pool fills, fire camp and fire site services, major sporting events, TV/Movie film location sites, and much more. Our water trucks and trailer mounted tanks range in delivery tank size from small 500 gallon tanks all the way up to 7,000 gallon extremely large truck and trailer set-ups. We also provide Potable water storage tanks from 250 gallons up to 10,000 gallons storage tanks for our clients and customers who need to store a large amount of water on-site.

Fire (emergency) services are dedicated to assisting the U.S. Forestry Service Personnel, CA Dept. of Forestry & Fire Protection, and various local fire departments with fighting forest fires. We also provide fire prevention services to the construction industry, as well as oil industry when using digging and drilling equipment in a forestry area or working in High Fire danger areas.

Our equipment consists of 4,000 gallon 6x6 (all-wheel-drive) water tenders (specialty very large water trucks with multiple truck mounted water sprayers) that meet State USF and CDF requirements, Type 3 wild-land fire trucks, Foam Trailers, and 500 gallon water trailers for support with all of the different types of fire fighting and fire prevention needs.

Studio Services include street wet downs, fire control standby, rain-bar sprinkler set-ups and over-head “rain”, and much more. Equipment available includes 2,500 & 4,000 gallon LA County Fire Prevention Public Safety & Film Unit Approved water trucks and 500 gallon water trailers.

Our studio water trucks are equipped with high pressure water pumps to accommodate the most demanding special effect jobs and movie shots, to using multiple trucks on larger location shoots and 2nd Unit shoots. All of our trucks come fully stocked with the latest LA County Fire Prevention PSFU Approved fittings and spray nozzles which include a minimum requirement of 100ft. 1½” fire hose and a pre-connected 300ft. fire hose, and a 2½” inch top mounted water cannon/ monitor for use with Special Effects Shoots. Currently, all of our 6 all-wheel-drive (6x6) fully stocked “Studio Water Trucks” are brand new and up-to-date with today’s standards, well maintained, freshly painted, and all feature 53” tall mud tires, dual water cannons, 6” gravity dumps, and much more. Far and away, we have the largest such fleet of 6x6 Studio Water Trucks available in the motion picture industry and we can also provide each rented water truck with a 399 Union Driver.  Think of us first when you are filming in high fire areas that require all-wheel-drive water trucks to get the job finished in a professional and timely manor.

Construction Water Trucks can be used for a range of activities. As they vary in size we can usually accommodate most requests including:

Dust control on construction sites: our water trucks have side & front sprayers to cover a large area.

Watering of plants & grass along roadsides or in parks & newly planted areas.

Corporate Events & Festivals; to fill water barricades or provide water for catering & cleaning.

Large pool fills for public or private use

Virtually any situation and location that requires water but does not have access to a water source, our water trucks can be utilised, long or short term, with or without a driver. Professionally maintained and serviced quality water trucks are available for short or long term hire as well as purchase. Contact us today to discuss your water truck rental or purchase needs.